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Man on the Move
Man on the Move
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Man on the Move

by Otto de Kat
Translated by Sam Garrett

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In January 1935, Rob, a young Dutchman, departs to Capetown in search of adventure. After a brutal stint in the diamond mines, Rob sails to Java to join up in the Dutch army which is making a last stand against the Japanese invading army. Here he meets a fellow Dutchman, Guus, in whom he finds a soul mate, the best friend he will ever have.
They are soon captured by the Japanese. Together they survive the hell of labouring on the Burma railway, and together they leap off their ship when it is torpedoed. Rob never sees his friend again, but he spends his life unable to find peace with the shadow of the past hanging over him, unable to accept love, unable to forgive himself for his imagined failings.

‘A novel of extraordinary power and moral beauty’ Paul Binding, Independent.

‘Stimulating and original … met confidently by Sam Garrett in his powerful translation … a stark and impressive piece of storytelling’ Nora Mahony, Times Literary Supplement.

‘A compelling existential black-and-white novel … reminiscent of Sartre’s Nausea and Camus’ The Outsider… This novel has a magical power of attraction’ Ulrich Baron, Die Zeit.

‘A thoughtful, elegiac text to be savoured slowly, again and again’ Roger Cox, Scotsman.

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