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Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing

by Davide Longo
Translated by Silvester Mazzarella

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Italy is on the brink of collapse.

Borders are closed, banks withhold money, the postal service stalls. Armed gangs of drug-fuelled youths roam the countryside.

Leonardo was a famous writer and professor before a sex scandal ended his marriage and career. Heading north in search of her new husband, his ex-wife leaves their daughter and her son in his care. If he is to take them to safety, he will need to find a quality he has never possessed: courage.

‘It turns an unforgiving spotlight turned on an increasingly unstable world. We can only hope that Longo’s visionary diagram of our possible future remains on the printed page’ Independent.

‘gruesome, intense and strange … a Eurozone nightmare brought to life on the page’ Financial Times.

‘The Last Man Standing is set to be one of the best novels this year’ SFX.

‘With mesmerising control of language, Longo weaves a tale that will leave readers with much to think about long after they have put it down’ The Irish Examiner.

‘this is a complex and compelling investigation of the behaviour of survival’ TLS.

‘a totally unique novel that blends despair with hope and angst with serenity so well that it deserves to be held in similar high esteem. An inspiring read’ We Love This Book.

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