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No-One Loves a Policeman
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No-One Loves a Policeman

by Guillermo Orsi
Translated by Nick Caistor

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It is December 2001, and Argentina is in economic meltdown. While the country wallows in corruption, cynicism and indifference, Gotán, an ex-cop from the Federal Police, lives in the past. He cannot forget the beguiling woman who briefly set alight his life – she disappeared as soon as he revealed he had worked for the ‘National Shame’.

Gotán is called urgently late one night to a friend’s coastal retreat. He arrives too late: his friend is dead and his girlfriend has vanished. Using all his resources to find the girl, Gotán finds himself embroiled in a plot that goes to the heart of Argentina itself. Though no longer part of the force, Gotán is still a cop by nature. But his is a dangerous undertaking: after all, no-one loves a policeman.

‘Wonderfully evocative and cynical, it captures Buenos Aires with a delicate precision – you can hear the tango as you turn the pages’ Geoffrey Wansell, The Daily Mail.

‘Dazzling… Orsi’s mordant, reluctant detective is definitely a one-off’ Joan Smith, The Times.

‘From the halcyon time of Dashiell Hammett onwards, the detective story has been pressed into service for a pitiless dissection of a corrupt society; Orsi shows that the strategy still has plenty of mileage’ Barry Forshaw, Independent.

‘…fast-moving, cynical, and witty … Chandlerian in its steamy narrative, the story is about a country and its people going nowhere very fast indeed … Set against a backdrop of Argentina in meltdown, it is a strongly atmospheric novel … Of course, he [Guillermo Orsi] writes like a journalist – immediate, living prose that reads as though it was written yesterday’ Bookgroup Info, Paula McMaster.

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