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MacLehose News

As any of you lucky enough to be subscribers know, MacLehose Press send out a regular newsletter, with details of forthcoming events, literary prizes, competitions and more.

If you’re foolish enough not to subscribe (which, by the way, you can fix here), we’ve now started posting the newsletters online. So if you want to know where you can see the author of a wonderful new culinary crime novel, who was the winner of the Shadow Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, or what is the new MacLehose Press Bookshop, click the link below!


The First Ever MacLehose Press E-bulletin

This morning we sent out our very first newsletter, or e-bulletin, to friends, booksellers, translators, authors and readers, and many who fall into more than one category. A quick click on the image below will bring up the bulletin, where you can subscribe. Feedback or suggestions more than welcome.